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2011 September 22 - Japan "determined" to restart nuclear plants, why isn´t Germany? - Versant Partners

“Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has stated that it is "impossible" for Japan to get by economically without nuclear power or under a quick phase out plan [as] a power shortage, 'could bring down Japan´s economy'... A power deficit of about 10% is projected for next summer if all reactors are shut down... The economic reality is that it would be prohibitively expensive to replace nuclear power with conventional power sources such as liquefied natural gas ("LNG") or coal. Replacing nuclear power with alternative energy sources will also be very challenging as it would require a 49-fold increase in capacity from wind, solar and geothermal sources.”

2011 July 26 – Yukiya Amano: Japan crisis will not end nuclear age – BBC News

“Mr Amano [head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)] told reporters: ‘It is certain that the number of nuclear reactors will increase, even if not as quickly as before. …many other countries believe they need nuclear reactors to tackle problems such as global warming.’ IAEA officials said they expected the world's reliance on nuclear power to grow because China and India were pressing on with their power programmes.”

2011 July 25 – Uranium stocks move up – Uranium Investing News

“Financial Post reports ‘The [uranium] sector finally is showing the first technical signs of strength following the Japanese earthquake and nuclear power disaster.’

2011 June – Uranium: Buying Opportunity or stuck in the doldrums? – Mining Markets

“In the report published on Apr. 18, Schatzker forecasts uranium prices this year will average US$69 per. lb. (down from his pre-earthquake forecast of US$80 per lb.), rising to US$77.50 per lb. in 2012 (down from his earlier forecast of US$100 per lb.) and settling at US$80 per lb. between 2013 and 2020. … [Mike Gunning, president and CEO of Hathor Exploration says that] ‘once the emotions from Fukushima settle down, the price of uranium will rebound as supply continues to struggle to meet global demands.’”

2011 June 16 – Radioactive stocks for the contrarian – Globe and Mail

‘Uranium is highly unpopular and becoming more so, but I don’t think that the political will exists worldwide to have the lights go out.’ … Mr. [Rick] Rule [Chairman, Global Resource Investments Ltd.] said he favours stocks of hard-hit junior uranium companies focused on the Athabasca Basin in Western Canada.”

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